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Frequently Asked Questions

What about COVID?

I was vaccinated in the beginning of March 2021. Even though I'm vaccinated and boosted, I continue to take every precaution recommended. I wear a mask while teaching and take a rapid test before indoor sessions. I wash my hands at the beginning of indoor sessions as well. If you have specific questions about anything, please reach out! 

How do I prepare for a session at my home? 

I try to encourage families to keep their home pretty similar to how they live day to day since my goal is to capture life as it's happening. With that being said, I do suggest putting away any extra clutter that may distract from the photos. This doesn't mean you need to go crazy tidying the whole house for the shoot. Look around and decide where you might want some photos to be taken (the key is to be near a window) and just tidy up that area. It doesn't have to be perfect. The mess adds to the story so if you don't have time, don't even worry. All lights should be turned off and closets closed.

A little more planning needs to happen with a Newborn Session. Most importantly, you must turn the heat turned up so that baby can be unwrapped without getting too bothered. I will remind you of this when the session gets closer but it's something to keep in mind. Also filling your baby's belly up so that he/she is content and sleepy for the session helps things to go smoothly. Of course we can only plan so much when a newborn is involved but those are the key tips to keep in mind. 

What is it like during a session?

The key is to relax and have fun!

We will spend the first 10-15 minutes getting to know each other and having you or your kids show me around. After that, the family will go about having fun, interacting around the home or outdoor setting and I will capture those memories. I will make sure some more planned group shots happen before the session is over but the majority of the photos will be genuine moments of the relationships and personalities of your family members. Family Sessions typically last 1 hour from start to finish, while newborn sessions usually last longer depending on the baby's needs. Mini-Sessions are kept to 20 minutes. 

What happens after a session?

Once the session is over, you will receive a sneak peak of what was captured either on FB or IG so make sure you are following me! 

Within 2 weeks after the session, an email with a password protected link will arrive with all of your edited photos ready to view. I provide both color and black & white images with every session. 

What should we wear? 

I share a style guide with all of my clients to help take away some of the stress when it comes to choosing outfits. It includes some color combinations along with outfit ideas to help inspire your choices. I'm always available to help make choices on what to wear as well! 


Grace took the most wonderful pictures of my family. She was great corralling a 2 and 4 year old as well as my elderly parents. The pictures we got from it were amazing and something I will treasure forever. She is easy to work with and flexible. The process of taking pictures with her were painless even for my young kids. Will definitely work with her again. I would recommend working with her to anyone! ~Therese

Grace is wonderful, and we are so happy with the way she captured this stage in our family's life. She was very flexible and adapted to the needs of both our 4 year old and our 4 week old. ~Angela

Grace was able to to capture us in such genuine moments. They are some of my favorite family photos.~Sarah

So easy to work with and beautiful work!! Can't wait for our next photo session! ~Tara

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